Motorcycle storage units are practically “a must” if you live anywhere up North, or even in Southern states where temperatures drop near freezing in the winter. But it’s not just the winter months when they will come in handy. There are lots of times when you need to protect your bike, including rainstorms, hail, or strong winds.

It’s also a pretty good idea to keep your bike stored safely out of sight from would-be thieves or joy riders. Those who live in urban areas are well aware of how easy it is to have a bike stolen. But as they say, out of sigh–out of mind. That’s another reason why using these to safely protect your machine can be so valuable.

Another issue that makes them appealing is lack of space. Apartment dwellers, or people who live in crowded urban areas, tend to have very little if any “yard” to speak of. And while you could always rent a facility to house yours during the winter and periodically during the year when there is bad weather, this can quickly become a very expensive option.

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It is far more cost-efficient to purchase these, instead of having to rent a place to store your bike through the winter. Having your own will also allow you to “check up” on your bike any time you want, and provide you with the peace of mind that your “baby” is never far away.

These can be made of many different materials, but by far, heavy-duty steel is the most popular. A steel model provides excellent durability and protection from the elements. These units typically feature a zippered front and rear doorway, and a type of anchoring system to ensures that the unit is secure in any type of weather.

Standard dimensions run 10 feet in length, by 6 feet in width. The standard height is also 6 feet, and the approximate weight of these units is just shy of 150 pounds. Prices can vary according to manufacturer and style, but a standard dimension will normally cost between 150 and $200.

You can also purchase larger heavy-duty steel units for year-round use. These are in fact a type of portable shed. They come complete with anchors and no drilling is required. Dimensions for these larger heavy-duty models are 6 feet in width by 12 feet in length. Again the standard height is 6 feet. Heavy-duty models employed a solid back panel, and a double zippered front entry. They are also UV ray resistant and waterproof.

Prices for the heavy-duty models are slightly higher, coming in at just over $300 on average. But if the safety of your bike means everything to you — as it does to most bikers — you will certainly find it worth the extra money to spring for one of these heavy-duty versions.

If you’re tired of letting your bike gather dust in the garage, or being exposed to the elements outside, motorcycle storage units will make your life a lot easier, and protect the value and appearance of your bike.

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