If you’re a person that is lucky enough to own a motorcycle, you’re going to want a motorcycle garage to store it. Depending on what area of the country you live in, yours may be a seasonal means of transportation or available to you year round. Regardless of how often you get to use your bike, you’re going to want and need a place to work on it, polish it and just plain spend time with it. Only those that own one know the true pleasure and joy that comes from knowing that beast (or HOG) belongs to you.

It can be your regular garage where you store your car or it can be a special space just for your bike. Either way, you’re going to want enough space to be able to comfortably work when the need arises. Another purpose is the protection it offers against vandalism, theft and the elements of weather. If you’re like most owners, you’ve probably wanted and waited for a motorcycle for a long time. Now that you finally have joined the millions of other proud owners, you want to take the very best care you can of yours.

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If you choose to get a version that is separate from your regular garage, there are many places that offer these for sale in different styles, some at very affordable prices. On thing to consider is whether you need just a garage or more. Some can serve a dual purpose of being a crate for transporting as well as a place for storing. These lightweight containers are as sturdy and durable as a shipping container and as convenient as a garage. Even if you don’t use them to store your bike, they are a great place to store your gear and tools.

Many insurance companies offer discounts on your insurance if your bike is stored in a good place. In this case it is important that this keep the machine completely enclosed. Luckily, there is variety in this type, coming in different sizes, with some of the largest ones accommodating two side-by-side. Many of these also offer double doors for easy entrance and exit as well as many anti-theft options. When it comes to construction, many durable ones are crafted with galvanized steel that is PVC coated as well as fire resistant. Many of them also come with guarantees.

If you are on a budget, you may want a shell-style enclosure. It’s essentially a step up from a cover. It’s much more economical than building a new shed for storing your bike. It has the appearance of a tent or collapsible clam shell. They are generally made of hard plastic and come in a variety of sizes to cover any size.

Some owners choose to build their own motorcycle garage. Many websites offer you great tips on choosing as well as building one to suit your needs.

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