As an owner of a motorcycle, new or used, you certainly want to take care of this expensive investment by utilizing a garage as a motorcycle storage unit, or purchasing one of several portable sheds, bags, shelters or covers.

Among the many types you can find online is the portable garage. This is quite unique and great for city dwellers that have no garage space or cannot afford to rent space to keep their bike out of inclement weather conditions.

Constructed out of heavy duty steel, this house style garage is not only portable, but can be utilized for a car as well. It features a double zipper front and rear door entryway and also includes an anchoring system. This all weather cover is perfect for any kind of weather. Its dimensions are 6 feet wide by 10 feet long by 6 feet high. Weight is 148 lbs. and sells for approximately $179.00.

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One of the many questions asked by insurance companies is if your motorcycle is garaged or stored. The answer determines the extent to which your insurance rate is ascertained. Therefore, it is also important to prepare yours for storage during the winter months. Here are a few tips.

Ensure the machine is thoroughly clean. To prevent the wheels from cracking from the winter chill, place it on wood planks. Ensure the gas is drained from the tank. This will prevent sediments from clogging your fuel lines. Make sure there are no leaks or breaks to prevent corrosion setting in. Remove the battery. Clean all cables and connections. Ensure the breaks are working properly, and also check the breaks to determine if there is any wear. You may also want to change the oil and filter as well. Contact your insurance company and ask if they offer a discount for storing it like this.

Motorcycles, especially ones that are custom-made, are a long term investment. Having a place to store it is essential is maintaining the longevity of the bike, and all of its parts as well. If you do not have garage facilities wherein you can store your bike any time of year, you may want to check out the many types of sheds, shelters, bags, and portable garage units and decide where you will store yours during the winter months.

The money you spend on these units will pay off in the long run, and will keep your bike free from inclement weather throughout the year. Check out motorcycle storage units online, and determine which one is best suited for your location. In addition, keeping your bike maintained throughout the year will keep you from having to expend additional monies before it is put into storage.

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